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Negotiating: Strategies

Making Concessions:
In your opinion, what critical aspects related to making concessions during the negotiations process are necessary in order to achieve your strategic outcome? Please give examples of what you mean by your comments.

Fundamental Strategies:
What negotiation strategy and tactics need to be employed when your opponent is not one where mediation is possible? I.e. Your opponent would only mediate what is his is his and what is yours is his.

Style vs. Strategy:
What is the difference between a person's negotiating style and their negotiating strategy?

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Making Concessions
Making concessions during negotiations is generally a strategy to ensure that the bulk of what is desired on either side is accomplished. Concessions are not used during a "win-win" style of negotiation because in that case, both sides get everything they want. It is necessary to make concessions because it shows trust and a willingness to compromise for the greater good.

An example might be with an employee negotiating their salary with an employer. The employee might be asking for $100,000 a year and while the employer cannot give that amount to the employee, they ...

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