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Decision-Making Across Cultures

Negotiation is a regular activity in international business. It includes the cultural aspects of negotiation, risk propensity, and decision-making.

Research negotiation practice in the U.S. What are the strategies used to manage risk, negotiation process, and decision-making?

At least 400 words and references cited to support information.

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Negotiation Process in US
In US, the negotiation trend is based on second generation approach and to develop a dispute system design by designing effective approaches. The negotiation practices in US are related to the workplace, business transactions, contracts etc to gain the mutual benefits and to increase the significance of business or work relationship. In international business context, negotiation is a regular activity, which are performed to avoid the risk, conflict related to international business culture and to make effective decisions.
To manage the risk in the international business environment, most of the firms use the classical model strategy in which risks are analyzed and collective bargaining are focused to avoid the risks. It helps US firms to reduce the risk by making a larger picture of the contracts, which reduces the risks related to the application of ...

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Decision-making across cultures are examined. The strategies used to manage risk, negotiation process and decision-making are determined.