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    Reviewing Privacy Policies of two competitors' web sites

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    Visit two competitors' web sites. Locate the Web page at each site where customers can purchase something online with a credit card or by using another electronic payment method. Locate the privacy policy that tells how those companies will use the customer information they collect.

    1. Write a summary in your own words of the two privacy policies and how they compare. Please do not simply cut and paste and then label information and excerpts from each web site or organization. Rather write your own critical analysis of both organization policies and compare them.

    2. How much protection do you think is offered by these policies?

    3. How could they be improved?

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    I compared Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. They both have policies that state any information you give to them in registering for an account, for one of their programs or other things such as saving credit card information is the way they gather information about a person. Additionally, they gather information about what you buy to use for improving customer relations. IN the case of Amazon, this includes shipping and other offerings.

    Both put cookies on a computer to customize advertising and sales for the person. The information gained at Amazon is sent only to the third party and ...

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    The expert reviews privacy policies of two competitors' web sites.