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    Supply Chain management

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    The changes in supply chain management and technology has been THE biggest difference between brick and mortar and eBusinesses. In fact, the whole inception of eBus has created massive dis-intermediation of the traditional supply chain structures. For example, in the pro and semi-pro photography world (that are familiar), Amazon has become a major player, yet they have almost no real physical goods inventory. In other arenas, where inventory is more important, whole industries of middle-man distributors (like in IT equipment) have vanished as the need for them in the supply chain has disappeared.

    Comment on the big differences in supply chain for eBus and the major impact they have had on the previous 3 or 4 tiered wholesaler and distributor environment.

    Consider the eBus' you all are researching and explain the old and the new supply chain.

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    Difference in Supply Chain

    Difference in Supply Chain for e-bus
    The difference between the Supply Chain of Brick & Mortar and E-business is vast. In E-business form, the goods are delivered indirectly, while in Brick & Mortar, the goods and products are delivered directly to the customers. The Supply Chain in E-business is complex, whereas in Brick & Mortar, the form is simple. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 222 Words, APA References