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Website Evaluation: Audience, Navigation, and Marketing

Describe the similarities and differences in the look and feel for the selected website (Universal Music Group - www.umusic.com ) and how the similarities relate to target audience. Also, consider the ease and style of navigation of each website as part of the look and feel. Consider that just describing basic navigation and graphics is not. Don't only evaluate the look and feel of my cite but also address supply chain management, marketing etc.

List of websites:
EMI - http://www.emi.com

Sony Music Entertainment - www.sonybmg.com

Universal Music Group - www.umusic.com (THIS ONE!)

Warner Music Group- www.wmg.com

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Music has come a long ways from the days that records were used to play music. Now society has an easier choice to get music with websites such as Sony Music, Universal music Group, EMI, and Warner Music Group. All of these websites target those who have computers, know how to work them, and want and like to listen to music. This paper is going to look into the website Universal Music Group, and examine the different characteristics of the site in regards to the previous music sites listed.

Universal Music Group website is a little confusing at ...

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Four websites are compared and contrasted in terms of aesthetics, navigation, marketing, and supply management.