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    New Marketing Landscape

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    I need help with identifying and describing how the "New Marketing Landscape" for a specific firm has transformed the way it performs its marketing. Marketing over the Internet could affect the firm's pricing, promotion, distribution and/or product creation, either through change or development. The Internet and the marketing landscape will allow firms to affect marketing in many different ways. Company is already in business before the net then finds help with marketing on the net.

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    Fundamentals of Marketing With the advent of Internet, the world of marketing has undergone changes. Provide an example of how the "new marketing landscape" (reference Chapter 1) has transformed the way a specific company does its marketing. Be sure to make connections between your words and this week's lesson. Compare and contrast the new strategies of companies presented by your classmates with the company that you discussed.

    At the dawn of the new millennium, if we look back at the last century, we will realize the changes the world has seen. And even the changes are becoming rapid. The main reason of changes is technological innovation. The ever-changing technology has affected our personal lives as well like it has affected all other walks of life.
    Chuck Martin, best selling author of Digital Estate and founder of Netfuture Institute says that "We stand at the cusp of a new era where most traditional business models will disappear and where the wired consumer and the wired organization will function in harmony."

    The Internet is a wonderful mirror reflection of the real world, and is also known as the virtual world. The most exciting part of the Internet for businesses is the fact that they have an opportunity to open a new branch in this virtual world, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. (Indiainfoline)

    Marketing has been more dynamic and challenging with increasing competition and at the same time decreasing customer loyalty in the market. There also has been an explosion of new technology driven channels to reach the customer. Now organizations can reach customer much more easily with the help of e technologies. Internet is helping in improving the ability to understand and meet changing global market requirements and the ever-changing customer requirements. Thus it is helping in enhancing the product's quality, reliability and end-use performance, improving customer satisfaction, increasing the market share. Internet is having revolutionary impact and is helping the companies to reach the consumers directly. Internet is reducing the time ...

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    This solution describes new marketing landscapes and helps identify and describe how it, for a specific firm, has transformed the way it performs its marketing.