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    Example Outline of a Landscaping Service Business Plan

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    1. If you were starting a new landscaping business, how would you market this business?
    2. What are some secondary marketing research resources for a new landscaping business?
    3. What are the differences between marketing a service versus marketing a product?

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    1. I would begin by researching the demographics of typical users of landscape services. For example, through research including forums, information made available through landscape equipment dealers, working with my local chamber of commerce, and by being observant of where competitors are working, I could find out where the potential customers live. Once I determined who I was marketing to, I would use different media mediums to reach them. First, I would build a simple website through one of the companies such as Go Daddy, showing beautiful landscapes including manicured lawns, flora, shrubbery, etc. Then, I would set up social media profiles on sites including Facebook and Twitter. I would use Google's pay-per-click to help drive online traffic to my website. In the beginning, the web campaign could cost as little as $200 per month.

    In addition to building a web presence, I would utilize signage on my trucks and trailers including website and telephone numbers. I would ...

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    Examples for outlines of a landscaping service business plan are determined. The differences between marketing a service versus marketing a product are provided.