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Project planning implementation (course assignment)

This is a project planning implementation course assignment:

I currently can not think of a project (I am having writers block) that I can write a 10 page paper which focuses on tasks, resources, schedules and budget. With this paper I have to add a Statement of Work, Gantt chart, Pert network and Excel Budget Spreadsheet.

Can you give me a list of least ten topic examples (I am basically looking for ideas) so I can choose one to do my research and write a 10 page paper. I should be able to find at least 5 resources. If you have any example papers, please send.


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I am not sure of your experience or expertise but I will give you several general ideas which should fit your needs or spark your imagination in an area in which you are familiar.

Project Ideas are as follows:
1. Creating a social event like a party or meeting
2. Creating a business plan (each section can be a high level task, resourced by different team members)
3. Building an item you are familiar with from raw materials (e.g.: wooden desk ...

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"4. Marketing Campaign for new line of products
5. Software program development (database application, website)"