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System Design Issues

If a project is poorly designed and constructed, will a well-planned and well-executed implementation effort help the project to succeed? Will a well-designed and well-constructed system overcome a poor implementation effort? Can you give an example of a project, system, or product that has overcome design or implementation problems?

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//The paperwork is concerned with the project management concept regarding what are the key features that play a major role in the success and failure of the project. The paper emphasizes to develop congruence between all the individual aspects for the success of a particular project.//
Project management can be defined as a concept that is concerned with the planning and execution of a particular project, so that the goals can be achieved. It can be defined and treated as a start and stop procedure. The term project management is a procedure that comprises of several technicalities. A project has objectives and goals. The success of a project is when the customer is fully satisfied with the project. There are typical constraints, like time, resources and scope that should be kept in mind. The project can range form one particular area to different areas.
Success and failure of the project depends on the management skills. The project life cycle should be followed systematically. Poor implementation or poor design will lead to failure of the project, as it will not be able to pass testing phase. The poor implementation will lead to dissatisfaction among customers. These phases are related to planning and listing of the events. The ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 819 words with references.