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    System analysis and corporate environments

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    An analyst must consider several issues that will affect the architecture choice. I need to know if all items below are of equal weight and importance, or should some be ranked higher? Justify your position.
    • Corporate organization and culture
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Initial and total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Scalability
    • Web integration
    • Legacy system interface requirements
    • Processing options
    • Security issues
    • Corporate protocols

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    An analysis process involves.
    1. Define the vision
    2. Plan the Project
    3. Define and Understand the Requirements
    4. Define the User Experience
    5. Develop the Architectural Design
    6. Develop the Detailed Design and Program the System
    7. Test and Deploy the System

    A system should be based upon the business rules governed by the Corporate Organization and culture. It should incorporate the controls based on the Corporate structure. If the system does not match the corporate culture, it will not be well integrated to the existing processes. When planning the project, project should be proceeded under the constraints on the ...

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    In system analysis and design, an analyst needs to consider the corporate environment. This discusses how different aspects of corporate culture influence the analysis and design process.