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    Organizational Strategy Personal Knowledge

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    In this discussion you will analyze your personal experience with strategic development.
    Explore your personal knowledge, experience, and responsibilities with strategy development.

    ? How do you define strategy?
    ? Have you ever held a position that had direct responsibility for strategy formulation or execution?
    ? What was your role in strategy for that organization?

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    Strategy defined

    Strategy is defined by Johnson et al. (2002) as the direction and scope of the organization over the long run which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competencies, with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder expectations. The same authors further defined intended strategy as an expression of desired strategic direction deliberately formulated or planned by managers.

    Personal experience with strategic development
    In the organization in which this reporter belongs, strategy development process includes: 1) environment analysis, 2) forecasting of environmental changes, 3) analysis of organizational capabilities, 4) ...

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    The expert defines organizational strategies. The responsibility for strategy formulation or executions are given.