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    Key Inputs of National Presto Industries, Inc.

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    Nadler, D.A. & Tushman, M.L. (1980) A model for diagnosing organizational behavior. Organizational Dynamics, 9 (2), 35-51. Available in the Business Source Complete database in the Touro College Library System. OR Click Here to Download

    For this Case, you should focus on the Inputs aspect of this model. Read pages 35 to the top of 43. You can stop at the Outputs section.

    There are four input categories:

    *Environment (factors external to the organization)
    *Resources (factors internal to the organization)
    *Organizational history (Persistent Tradition)
    *Strategy (goals, objectives and strategic initiatives


    Make a Case for one of the following propositions: The inputs at National Presto Industries, Inc. consisting of Organizational Environment factors, Internal Resource factors, and Historical Tradition factors, [highly support, partially support, or do not support] the company√Ę??s mission. (Choose the level at which the Strategy is supported by the other factors.)


    Case Expectations: In order to make this case, you first need to identify the Key Input factors in the first three categories. And you will also need to identify the specific strategy of the company. So the paper consists of the two main parts:

    *Identify and discuss the Key Input factors from each of the four input categories (at least two each).
    *Explain why these are critical (consider the strategy and how important each one is in providing support)
    *Make the case as to whether the Key Input factors in the first three categories support the Strategy (classify the strategy according to Porter's three generic competitive strategies).

    You will not be able to identify all of the inputs in such a short paper, so

    *First identify the most critical inputs in each of the first three categories and justify WHY they are critical. Also explain what effect the inputs from one category have on inputs from the other categories.
    *Then discuss the organization's strategy and classify it according to Porter's three generic competitive strategies. How well does this strategy fit with the environmental, resource and historical inputs you identified?
    *Make a Case for your proposition as to how the Key Inputs support the Strategy. *You must support your analysis with objective evidence. Sources of information for the entire project may include organizational documents and reports, articles in newspapers and trade publications, even interviews and personal knowledge (though you should corroborate this when possible.) Be sure to cite your sources and provide a bibliography for each module's case.

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    Running head: Key inputs of National Presto Industries, Inc

    Key inputs of National Presto Industries, Inc

    The congruence model provides that an organization has four categories of inputs that affect performance and are analyzed during an organizational diagnosis. This includes the environment, resources, organizational history and strategy (Nadler & Tushman, 1980). An organization does not operate in vacuum and is therefore affected by factors within its environment. Environmental factors that affect an organization include competitors, legislation, economic condition, technology, political climate and the market in which the organization operates (Leadersphere, 2008).
    For National Presto the most significant factors in this category include competition, technology and the market. These inputs are significant because the organization operates in electronic, defense and absorbent products and these industries are highly competitive (Reuters, N.D). The electronic appliances sector has several players and thus has stiff competition thus making competition an essential input affecting company operations.
    Technology is another key input because National Presto manufactures and markets technological products. The company operates in a dynamic environment and has to monitor changes in technology and produce innovative products that will assist the company in maintaining competitive advantage. Another key input in this category is the market and this is critical to organization since it has to have knowledge on customer needs in order to generate profit through sales.
    Another key input is the resources available to National Presto. The most important resources include human resources, capital and information and knowledge. Human resource is termed as the most important resource since employee skills and performance affect overall company performance. National Presto requires competent staff to work effectively in its three segments in order to attain desired outputs. When employee motivation and ...

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