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    KM models Propounded by Senge, Parsons, and Schwandt

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    Can you provide a brief discussion of the KM models propounded by Senge, Parsons, and Schwandt? I need help for a research study.

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    As per KM model of Senge, knowledge management is to create learning process through sharing knowledge with each other in order to develop new capacities. According to him, knowledge management can be considered as object and process that helps to share the information from one person to another. Object perspective of KM model considers the concept of information theory that focuses on the formation of information management system in order to improve knowledge (Pauleen, 2007). On the other hand, process perspective is based on psychology, sociology and philosophy that help to assess and improve human skills and knowledge.

    Along with this, this model includes two types of knowledge named as explicit and tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge can be presented in form of word and number and transferred in data, formulae, principles and specifications electronically. Tacit knowledge includes perceptions, insights, guess and feelings that are personal and difficult to ...

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    The expert examines KM models by Senge, Parsons and Schwandt.