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    Personal Mastery

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    I. Personal Mastery (PM)
    • Define (What is personal mastery?)
    • Why is PM important to your growth as a leader?

    II. Define and discuss each element of your plan
    • Values (Responsibility & Accountability; Leadership; Loyalty; Competence; Quality Relationships)
    • Purpose (What do you see as the rationale, reason for being, or point of your life?)
    • Vision (What is your desired future state? Be specific. You will be where, doing what and with whom?)
    • Practice (One thing you can do now to achieve the above.)

    III. Summary/Next Steps

    IV. References


    In your introduction define personal mastery and explain why it is important to your leadership development. Throughout your paper discuss any mental models that have impacted your choices of your values, purpose, vision and practice.

    Discuss your values and how they impact your decision-making, choices and leadership. Also, consider how they impact your vision and purpose. What mental models may have impacted your choice of values?

    Using Senge (2006, p. 136), define and describe the difference between purpose and vision. Identify your personal purpose and vision and explain why these are important to your leadership. Make sure you are clear on the difference between a purpose statement and a vision statement. A vision statement is a concrete snapshot or picture of your desired future state. This includes what you are doing, with whom, where etc.

    A practice is anything done consistently and regularly that will enhance your personal mastery. Perhaps it is meditation or taking a deep breath before you walk into business meetings, some physical practice such as running or yoga, or mental practice like journal writing (if you are not now doing it). You may choose any of the practices in Senge including balancing inquiry and advocacy, weekly team dialogues, or, something from the list of questions in the mental models section of the Fieldbook as long as you can do it during this term. Your practice must be a specific task or behavior you will actually practice during this term to enhance your personal mastery.

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    //This paper will describe the personal mastery that will be beneficial for the growth and development of a leader. It is essentially important for a leader to adapt to the changing environment quickly and facilitate learning in the forthcoming years.
    Thus, the paper will discuss the importance of personal mastery to grow as a leader.//

    Personal mastery refers to a combination of specific principles and practices that facilitate an individual to learn, formulate a personal vision, and view the world in an objective manner. It is important for an individual to develop personal mastery skills in order to manage successfully their deficiency needs so that he/she is not dependent on others for his/her growth and survival. An individual should constantly learn that will help him/her to transform as per the changing business environment. In the views of Peter Senge, personal mastery helps individuals to become a better person and be the role model for other individuals.
    Thus, personal mastery enables to promote self-development, which is very necessary to deal effectively with the upcoming challenges (Senge, 2010). In the present competitive business environment, it is imperative to understand clearly the vision and mission of the organization. For this reason, a successful leader needs to inculcate personal mastery skills, which in turn enables him/her to attain the organizational goals.

    Importance of Personal Mastery for a leader

    Personal mastery is mainly associated with learning and acquiring new skills, which is very important in the current business scenario. Personal purpose and vision are the most primary step in order to create a desirable future. This is an ongoing process in which one should constantly clarify what one wants to achieve and learn to see the objective reality. People with high level of personal mastery are acutely aware of their incompetence and growth areas. Thus, they are filled with immense confidence, which is a mark of true maturity. In order to attain success and personal growth, a leader must focus on reflection and self-awareness (Hall, 2000). In the contemporary business environment, both organization and individuals should be ready to deal with change. In this essence, personal mastery allows a leader to adapt to the dynamic changes effectively. Leaders should always be ready to accept to the changing dynamics and should change their methods to attain the pre-determined goals. Personal mastery is essential for the growth and development of a leader. Effective leadership is associated with impactful influence on others. Certain characteristics such as integrity, confidence and authenticity are imprinted within a leader with the help of personal mastery. Additionally, a leader is able to enhance his potential in order to deal with the challenges effectively. Successful leaders make a remarkable influence on others by modifying their behaviors and making strong interpersonal relationships with others. A leader is able to influence change within an organizational setting effectively. The prime purpose of personal mastery is to strengthen your inner stability and reduce the state of emotional stress and anxiety. Thus, successful leaders are identified by their distinct personality characteristics such as independent, self-confident, self-sufficient, which are essential for survival in the present era (Bryant, 2006).

    //In the next section, each element of personal mastery will be discussed in detail. Each element of personal mastery is vital to incorporate change within an organization. In the same line, each element of personal mastery fosters aspiration to be better individuals.//

    In order to develop personal mastery skills, it ...

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