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Interview Questions Regarding Interpersonal Mastery

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I need to interview 2 managers regarding Interpersonal Mastery and I need to come up with 4 to 5 questions to ask them and the type of answers I should look for.

I am stuck on creating good quality questions.

Thanks for your help.

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Create 4 to 5 questions to ask managers regarding interpersonal mastery.

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I would ask questions that go something like this:

1. Which aspect of interpersonal mastery do you feel is the most important for employees to develop for success in the workplace?

2. In your opinion, what part of interpersonal mastery leads to the greatest chances for successful communication between employees and managers?

3. If you could develop your own interpersonal mastery to a greater extent as a manger, what would you wish to develop further?

4. Do you believe that organizations should offer training to employees in interpersonal mastery, and allow interpersonal mastery to become a basic job skill so that employees ...

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