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Interpersonal Mastery: Business Realities

(1) I am stuck on finding an engaging introduction regarding Leaders of the 21 st Century and the importance of utilizing Interpersonal Mastery in today's business working environment.

2) How does the following New Business Realities Driving forces (Knowledge and Transformative change) and the following thinking habits of mind, heart and imagination (Collaborative teamwork and Effective communication) relates to IM?

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1 - I would definitely use a leader that is the ultimate definition of IM -- Howard D. Shultz, the CEO of Starbucks. He runs the company based on his leadership style that has developed through IM. The story of the Starbucks employees that were killed, and how he handled the situation would be a good engaging introduction, and it really defines the concepts of IM leadership styles. Three employees were killed at the D.C. location. When he heard the news, he never called his public relations department or did any "official" act as the ...

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This solution discusses Interpersonal Mastery: Business Realities. We discuss leaders in the 21st Century that use Business Realities concepts, and we also discuss how following the New Business Realities Driving Forces relates to interpersonal mastery.