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    The Relationship Between Legal Counsel and HR Professionals

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    I am in need of some help supplying a preliminary list of a minimum of 10 questions that I will use to inquire about the roles of, and relationship between, legal counsel and the HR professional.

    These are the points I need to take in to consideration for my interview questions and in order to put my project together. The topics that need to addressed are as follows to accomplish the objectives of your final project, including:

    - The role and responsibilities of legal counsel in the organization.
    - The influence of employment law on the organization's culture and productivity.
    - A model relationship between the HR professional and legal.
    - Ways in which HR professionals can increase their legal concept understanding and mastery in order to be able to work with legal counsel.

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    Some important questions will be:

    1) What are the corporate laws and industrial laws affecting the HR profession?
    2) How each of the above law is affecting the HR profession?
    3) What have been the current ...

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    The relationship between legal counsel and HR professionals are examined.