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    HR planning, why important, techniques used, legal issues

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    Prepare a paper addressing the following questions:

    What is HR planning and how is it important to the effectiveness of an organization?
    What techniques are used to forecast HR requirements?
    What are the legal compliance issues facing HR departments?

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    Human Resources Planning

    This paper addresses human resources planning and how it is important to the effectiveness of an organization. It will cover what techniques used to forecast HR requirements and the legal compliance issues facing HR departments.

    Human Resources Planning

    Human Resources planning is a strategy that organizations use to link together their mission and vision statements along with their goals in conjunction with hiring employees. This covers "how many employees need to be hired, what areas they must specialize in, and what kind of training they will receive (Lacoma, 2011)." This is important to the effectiveness of an organization because otherwise without HR planning, large companies would have a hard time meeting the demands of filling positions with enough workers.

    Human Resources planning is important to the effectiveness of the organization because if the company does not have enough skilled workers to complete jobs, the company will have problems. Skills of the workers are increasingly important as the organization wants to expand and increase its market size. It can make an organization much more productive, cost-effective, and profitable.

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