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What learning conditions are needed for learning to occur?

What learning condition do you think is most necessary for learning to occur? Which is the least critical? Why?

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The most important learning condition is the motivation to learn; there must be task motivation so that personnel are interested in actually learning and see the purpose in doing so. If this is not present, it is very difficult to engage learners. Peter Senge (1990) identified personal mastery as one of the core disciplines needed to build a learning organization. Personal mastery correlates with task motivation. Individuals must be motivated to learn, in order to do so, organizations must define what the individual is trying to achieve and how to measure the progress toward the goal. Personal mastery can result in individuals expanding their ability to build a shared ...

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This solution discusses the learning condition most necessary for learning to occur and which is the least critical. It gives reasons to support the argument. This solution is 361 words with two APA references.