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    Mechanisms Needed to Create Learning Organization

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    What mechanisms (policies and/ or practices) does a firm have in place to create a "learning organization"? Please offer an example from an employer or use another firm that you have knowledge about. Also, please comment on the following: 1) explain to the class how the governance mechanism of the firm that you know about 2) what are your thoughts regarding this mechanism... is it effective and what recommendations could you make to improve this governance system?

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    A learning organization is one in which employees are skilled at "creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge" (Garvin, Edmondson, Gino, 2008). In order to create a learning organization, a company must cultivate supportive learning environment, and offer leadership that provides reinforcement and positive encouragement. A supportive learning environment is one in which employees are encouraged to ask questions, admit to mistakes, and offer opinions. This environment avoids "groupthink" and instead focuses on each employee expressing his or her thoughts regarding work. In addition, leadership must also support this environment by encouraging questions, innovation, and considering options. Effective organizations have these systems set up throughout the company to further allow interaction to involve multiple departments and encourage creativity. Peter Senge suggests a ...

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    This solution addresses the mechanisms (policies and/ or practices) a firm should have in place to create a "learning organization". It also offers an example. In addition, it explains how the governance mechanism works and if it is effective. APA references are included.