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    Organizational Learning And Innovation In An Organization

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    If you were the leader of an organization and you needed to create a culture that supported organizational learning and innovation, what are some of the steps that you would take to ensure that happened? What types of challenges do you think you would run into when trying to create the learning culture?

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    Learning organizations are composed of work environments with employees working creatively with freedom to express their ideas and face challenges that help improve their work environment in a workplace philosophy that establishes the progress of human abilities and develop their potential. Eventually, these organizations develop, integrate and transform to cater to the needs of their employees who learn together for the improvement of the whole organization.
    According to Peter Senge, there are five disciplines that every organization should master in order for it to be considered as a learning organization:

    1. Systems Thinking - the ability to see the whole picture instead of seeing it from the viewpoint of isolated parts or events.
    2. Personal Mastery - it's more described as a commitment to lifelong learning or the focus on developing the best person that they can be.
    3. Mental Models - To develop this, employees start with self-reflection to better understand how their deeply held beliefs affect the way they run their lives and they end up realizing the need to change for the better.
    4. Building Shared Visions - Organizations need to build a vision that keeps employees and other members to focus or be committed to achieve on a long term basis.
    5. Team Learning - Working together means there is a need to operate according to teamwork because if the members don't know how to work together then they can't learn together.

    In a learning organization, employees believe that they can also think and suggest ideas for the organization and it's not a task that only senior management can do. These organizations challenge their employees to hone their potentials, utilize their inner resources, do their best with the main goal of a humanistic and keep a willing spirit to keep learning. Sometimes, there is limited information available for decisions and other competing problems. These will also hinder the successful implementation of a learning organization.

    To foster a culture that develops a learning organization means to instil in the hearts and minds of the members of the organization the will to continuously improve and to change traditional and hierarchical structures. Change is constant in a ...

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