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    Control Function of Management

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    1- What is the control function of management? Why does the controlling function of management have a negative connotation?

    2- What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various control mechanisms? How does your organization use the steps of the control process?

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    The control function of management ensures performance standards are being met in the most efficient way possible involves the following processes:

    -establishing performance standards. It is important for the employee and employer to clearly define what is expected of employees and how they will be accessed.
    - conducting a job analysis and job description for each position. In addition feedback and regular performance appraisals should be performed to help identify employee weakness/strengths.
    -monitor and measure performance against expectations and make adjustments accordingly. Refocus efforts of employees, managers, shareholders as needed.
    -compare measured performance against established standards. If performance is below standards ...

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    This detailed solution outlines the control function of management, and discusses why the controlling function sometimes has a negative connotation. Also, it discusses some advantages and disadvantages of various control mechanisms, and gives examples of how an organization uses the steps of the control process. It includes a link that outlines the control process.