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Controlling Function of Management: Negatives & Positives

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1) What is the controlling function of management?
2) Why does the controlling function of management have a negative connotation?
3) How can you change to show employees the control function is a benefit to them as well as the organization?

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The controlling function of management includes making sure employees are assigned tasks, that these tasks are completed correctly in a timely fashion, and that progress is continually made. In order to be effective, standards must be clear, and followed throughout the line of command, including and starting with top management. Performance must be reviewed on a regular, timely basis and objectives adjusted based on changes in ...

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This solution outlines the controlling function of management and discusses why it has a negative connotation. It also discusses how you can show employees the control function is a benefit to them as well as the organization. It gives examples to illustrate the solution.

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Management Functions: Controlling

Prepare a paper in which you compare and contrast four types of control mechanisms. In your paper be sure to address the following items:

a. Select an organization with which you are familiar.

b. Identify the four types of control mechanisms that are used in your selected organization.

c. Determine the effectiveness of these control mechanisms.

d. Examine the positive and negative reactions to the use of these controls.

e. Explain how these controls impact the four functions of management in your selected organization.

f. Be prepared with a brief Power Point presentation to outline your findings.

Be sure to cite at least two references in your paper. Properly cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source please attach a copy of the data to your paper.

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