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    ADD Test: Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive/Negative Prediction

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    A diagnostic test for attention deficit disorder (ADD), determines that 83 children have the disorder and that 1,325 do not. However, 4 of the children that were diagnosed as having ADD, do not actually have it. Furthermore, 15 children that were diagnosed as not having ADD, actually do have ADD. What is the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of this test?

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    Sensitivity = # of true positives / # of true positives + number of false negatives = 94 / 94+ 15 = 94/109 = 86.2%

    True positive: Sick people correctly diagnosed as sick = ...

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    The expert examines the test used to diagnose ADD. Sensitivity, specificity and positive/negative predictions are examined.