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Leading Organizational Change and Kotter's Eight Steps

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As I understand, one of the basic tasks of an organization's leadership is to lead an organization through the entire change process and support the mechanisms that need to replaced in order to sustain change.

1. How would one apply Kotter's eights steps toward leading change within an organization?
2. Provide an example(s) of the desired outcomes and support mechanisms one could utilize.

I appreciate any clarification to this subject. Thanks

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1. How to apply Kotter's eights steps toward leading change within an organization?

The ability to engage in organizational change is predicated upon creating a sense of urgency for change, which must be done to ensure that employees are inspired to act quickly to implement the new policies. The way to initiate this is for the leader to develop a mission and strategy that builds the right team to ensure that the appropriate ...

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This solution of 268 words discusses leading organizational change and its importance in the employee-leader relationship. It explains how organization change can optimize productivity in the workplace with Kotter's eight steps and gives an example of desired outcomes.