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    Preliminary Design Model, and a Logical Model of the System

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    Can you please advise me on what a Preliminary Design Model, and a Logical Model of the System are. Can you please point me or show me examples of these two models.

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    1. Proliminary Design Model:
    At the very start of the design process, the problem statement is very carefully analyzed, and a requirements list is prepared. Often times, the system analyst must work closely with the requester (customer) to understand the problem, because problem statements are rarely complete. From the initial set of requirements, a set of derived requirements must be prepared. It is the purpose of the analyst to make the problem statement more precise and to expose ambiguities and inconsistancies. The problem statement should not be considered unchangeable but should serve as the foundation to which to build upon. The analyst now builds a preliminary design model. At this stage the model is concise: a precise abstraction of what rather than how. There is no scope for implementation details at this point. This model is presented to other system analysts where it is reviewed, criticized, and refined.

    2. Logical Design Model
    The model is now subdivided into logical and physical subsystems based on the proposed architecture. This subdivision is made on a functional and behavioral basis. The logical part is the logical design model. Each ...

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