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Decision Support System Application

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Write a paper demonstrating the application of your chosen DSS to a specific problem or set of problems. Include the role of the following components of a DSS as they pertain to your system: -description of the situation, intended users, database, and model base.

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Footwear - Decision Support System 1
Description of the situation 1
Data Warehouse - Database, and Model Base 2
Logical database design 3
Physical database design 4

Footwear - Decision Support System

A fictitious firm, Footwear manufactures footwear and sells through two channels:
 Directly to customers and
 Through resellers.

Description of the situation
Footwear's marketing executives (these are intended users) need to extract the following information from the company's aggregate business data:
 The five states reporting the highest increases in youth product category sales within the past year,
 Total footwear sales in Baltimore City within the past month by product family,
 The 50 cities with the highest number of unique customers, and
 One million customers who are most likely to buy the new Walk-on-Air shoe model.

To build a system that provides this decision support information, the system analysts needs to address and resolve three fundamental issues:
 What data to gather and how to conceptually model the data and manage its storage,
 How to analyze the data, and
 How to efficiently load data from several independent sources.

These issues correlate to a decision support system's three principal components (see, Figure 1):
 A data warehouse server,
 Online analytical processing and data mining tools, and
 Back-end tools for populating ...

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