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Company Managers Roles and Decisions

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I am doing a project, and I picked Wanda's Catering buisness. I need help in preparing a one page detailed summary to explain my mangers roles and how they use the below systems to make decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

a. Transaction Processing Systems
b. Decision Support Systems (DSS)
c. Executive Information systems (ESS)

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The managers at Wanda's Catering services will use the transaction processing services for entering customer data, supply data, invoicing, and preparation of quotations. The transactions processing service automatically adds sales tax to the invoices. The reports/invoices generated by the transaction processing services can be sent direct to the customers or suppliers through the internet. Alternately, the invoices/quotations/reports may be printed and signed. The transaction processing service also processes the payroll of employees at Wanda's Catering. The processing is fast, accurate, and the results are directly sent to the bank for paying the salaries. The ...

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Application of functions of management are applied to a catering business in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.