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    functional approaches to managing the Division operations

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    Given the complexities of 3 school districts, 4 boards, 5 district managers and recognizing the breadth of responsibilities inherent in this position, what are some functional approaches to managing the Division operations as one system of schools?

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    What are some functional approaches to managing the Division operations as one system of schools?

    One approach that Division can take is to assign one function to each manager. The functions of management uniquely describe managers' jobs. Division can assign its functions as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, Division can assign the controlling function to the Chief Financial Officer. The functions of management define the process of management as providing leadership,administrative direction and oversight. These functions provide a useful way of classifying information about management.
    The managers of the Division will carry out five functions,: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling for each of the following: Information Technology, Food Services, Property Services, Finance and Accounting, and Recreation. These functions need to be carried out by each of the managers of Division, in the sense that all managers of Divison would perform them in the course of their jobs, whether the managers worked in the Food Services division or Finance and Accounting.
    Division managers would be planning in terms of forecasting future logistical requirements, setting financial objectives, and developing contract management to attain objectives. Division needs to recognize that effective planning of facilities shall also take into account unexpected contingencies that might arise and not advocate rigid and inflexible plans. Organizing of technologies would involve making provision for the structuring of technologies and administration within the schools and also the recruiting, evaluation, and training of personnel.
    Managers would command a managerial function concerning the personal supervision of subordinates and involved inspiring them to put forth unified effort to achieve objectives. It would be important for the managers to understand the people who worked for them, setting a good example, treating subordinates in a manner consistent with firm policy, delegating, and communicating through meetings and conferences.
    An important function of Division managers would be that of coordination as harmonizing all of the various activities of the organization. Coordination would be a necessary component of all the other management functions. The Chief Financial Officer would be the suitable candidate for control function in terms of ensuring that everything occurs within the parameters of the plans and accompanying vision. The purpose of control was to identify deviations from objectives and plans and to take corrective action.
    This approach of Division to managing four boards representing three school districts involves the practice of management as a process consisting of specific functions. This is a process consisting of a set of interdependent functions. The educational leadership being provided by Division would be a distinct intellectual activity consisting of several functions. It is understood that all managers, regardless of their qualification, responsibility, or division would engage in the functions of management.
    Further it should be emphasized that the breath of the work at Division would often lead to a chaotic situation. It would not be always possible for managers to carefully and deliberately evaluate information before making management decisions.
    Each of the managers of Division including Executive Director of Operations/CFO would be required to perform three sets of roles, or ...

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