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    Organizational Chart

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    Please see the attachment for in regards to questions 1-4. 1. What type of organizational chart is illustrated for McDonald's on the attachment. 2. What improvements could you recommend for the McDonald's organizational chart? 3. What aspects of McDonald's chart do you especially like? 4. What type of organizational chart do you believe would best suit McDonald's? why? Once the organizational chart recommendation is completed, create at least one high-level objective for each functional group in the organizational chart. State your rationale for each and briefly state how each would be measured. Compile your work into a minimum two-page APA formatted paper

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    //Organizational chart describes the relationship that exists between different departments of the organization. It also describes the organization structure by defining the position and authority status in the organization. In this context, the following discussion highlights the type of organization chart used by McDonald's along with few recommendations for the same. //

    1. The chart illustrated for McDonald's is the functional organization chart. The functional structure chart groups the people of the organizations according to their proficiency and specialization area (Usmani, 2015). In the organization chart of McDonald's, the major functions of fulfilling the mission and vision of the company are performed by top management that is the Chief Executive Officer. Under the supervision of CEO, different functions are performed by the chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief human resource officer, and chief restaurant officer. All the individuals perform their specific roles and tasks that are unique to them. The chief operating officer is responsible for managing the operations in different contents like Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and ...

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