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Organizational Charts for Coca Cola

Can someone make charts for the below please? I'm bad at charts. Its for Coca Cola.

Current Organizational Structure (chart) Create a chart showing the organization of the company as it is.

Suggested Organizational Structure (chart) Create a second chart showing the organization if it were redesigned to use a customer-strategy model. You should merge sales and customer service, but the rest depends on what kind of recommendations you've made previously in other sections. If you feel that your company would benefit most from only minor changes, then by all means use that perspective in creating your chart.

I'm assuming customer service chart , honestly I'm not sure which is why I need help.

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Coca-Cola is an international business that makes its stronghold on the market through targeting and grooming regional markets, even sometimes ...

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This solution includes two organizational charts for Coca Cola, the lead beverage development company. One chart is the current organizational structure, and the second chart is an example of organizational changes which could be made in order to improve sales for the company.