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    Capabilities and Competitive Advantage of a Fortune 500 Company

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    I need help with selecting a Fortune 500 company other than: Starbucks, Google, Walmart, BMW, Southwest Airlines, Yahoo, Microsoft, Toys R Us, Lego, Walt Disney, Esprit de corps, Intel. I need help to know how to analyze three key organizational capabilities that give the company a competitive advantage. What is it about these capabilities that give the company its competitive advantage? What are the three best organizational capabilities demonstrated by the company by providing specific and precise facts you uncovered in your research? Online publications such as BusinessWeek and The Economist are used.

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    The Fortune 500 Company selected outside the list is Coca Cola Company. Three organizational capabilities that give the company a competitive advantage are expanded distribution channels, distribution location, and brand reputation.

    The expanded distribution channels that reach some of the most remote parts of the world give Coca Cola Company and advantage that competitors cannot match. The distribution location of Coca Cola Company is in more than 200 countries. In most of these countries there are contracts with bottlers who convert the concentrate ...

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