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    Strategic Management: Internal Analysis

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    Canon Company.

    1. Please give a very short Brief about Canon Internal analysis

    2. Please give an assessment of the company's ability to compete (Internal Analysis)

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    Canon Company.
    1. Canon demonstrates superior innovation through its ongoing development of new products. The company supports these products with a strong sales and support team to demonstrate superior customer responsiveness. Canon demonstrates consistent leadership with an eye toward efficiency in operation. Canon products are known for superior quality, having achieved sales leadership for over a decade. These factors combined give the company a distinct competitive advantage.

    2. Assessment of the company's ability to compete (Internal Analysis).
    Canon is a global supplier of copying machines, printers, cameras, optical products and industrial equipment. The company is headquartered in Japan, but operates in Japan, Asia, and the Americas. The company employs 198,307 employees, and earns a net income of $3,188 million on $45,608 million sales during the financial year, ending December 2011 (Canon, 2013). The company demonstrates a sustained competitive advantage over its rivals by displaying greater than average profitability when compared to other companies in its industry. In addition, the company has greater stability in its organizational management and management team than its rivals. Canons main competitive advantage centers on innovation. It is ranked number three of the top United States patent holders, with 2,813 patents. These patents illustrate a tangible resource for the company, allowing it to create strong ongoing demand for new products based on its years of successful product introductions. The brand name Canon is an additional resource, a well recognized name to consumers based on its 70-year history. In sales, it is ranked 224 out of the worlds largest companies ranked by Fortune Magazine (Fortune, 2012). The business is divided into segments, with the consumer business unit ...

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