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    McDonald’s Cohesion Case

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    Turn to the URL McDonald's Cohesion Case (https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/books/9780132154949/pageid/61) and review the organizational chart. Please answer the following questions. Please provide at least 500 words, thank you in advance
    1. What type of organizational chart is illustrated for McDonald's?
    2. What improvements could you recommend for the McDonald's organizational chart? Give your reasoning for each suggestion.
    3. What aspects of McDonald's chart do you especially like?
    4. What type of organizational chart do you believe would best suit McDonald's? Why?

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    1. What type of organizational chart is illustrated for McDonald's?

    The type of organizational chart that McDonald's has is a Strategic Business Unit management chart that relies upon diversification of the company wherein the large conglomerate divides itself into different divisions that enables management of such a behemoth to be broken into more manageable and smaller management divisions. Therefore, this type of organizational management allows the different divisions to engage in their own organizational strategic management as the separate units are given the autonomy to develop a strategic direction that is in accordance with their own region and sector's needs and wants. These separate units are beholden to the company's headquarters, but because of the largesse of the company are capable of operating as independent businesses that cater to their own specific market needs and customers. The organizational management style of these subunits often entails an internal organizational division within ...

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