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    Successful Student Groups

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    How can a work or student group be successful? What should be considered in a diverse group? Discuss the impact of groupthink and how to avoid it?

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    A. How can a work or student group be successful?

    The following can be done maximize student learning in students' work (individual and group):

    1. Be explicit in establishing guidelines for the group task so that learning objectives are met and to ensure that they are transparent and equitable.
    2. Teacher needs to manage the planning, development and implementation of processes and to properly explain and make the procedures for learning through the group work and assessment clear to all the students.
    3. Explain carefully the criteria on how students will be graded as an individual member and/or as a group.
    4. Some teachers give students written contracts that list members' obligations to the group and deadlines for tasks.

    A successful student work comes from an equally successful student and to become one, a student has to remember that success demands discipline, focus and it requires ...

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    The solution discusses how an individual student's or student group's work become successful; the things to be considered in a diverse group, and the impact of groupthink and how to avoid it was also explained. References included.