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    Landscape Business Plan

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    This should include the following elements:

    -A complete and concise executive summary of your entire descriptive business plan - not to exceed 3 pages.

    -A thorough business plan for a landscape company.

    All help with be greatly appreciated.

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    I hope the outline and input provided will be of help. I provided a brief summary on what should be incorporated within the summary, but also provided a complete outline. Remember to format according to APA and include references. I wish you the best.

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    <Name> Service is a residential or commercial (choose one or both) lawn care service. <Name> will be targeting <identify consumer base>. A large grouping of this demographic is located in <specify coverage area>. <Name> will leverage its connection to sign up customers. Having an origin in the area helps create a trust bond that will be leveraged when <Name> is trying to develop the customer base.

    <Name> Service's mission is ...

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    This solution provides guidance for formulating a business plan for a landscape company.