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    Landscaping Business Start-Up Plan

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    For a landscape business:

    The Start-up Expenses sub-section of the Descriptive Business Plan should include a discussion of the following elements:

    1. A discussion of the applicable expenses to start the new business. These could include some (or all) of the following: costs of sales, professional fees, technology costs, administrative costs, sales and marketing costs, wages and benefits. Explain how each of these would impact your particular venture.

    2. A discussion of any contingency percentage to cover any under estimation along with your rationale for this percentage.

    The Capitalization sub-section of the Project Template should include a discussion of the following elements:

    1. The sources of all loans (existing or proposed) including amounts, terms, and collateral.

    2. The names and amounts contributed by each investor in the business including the percentage of ownership of each investor.

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    1. The landscape business will comprise of numerous costs during the startup stage. First of all, the company will need to get incur incorporation related costs. Secondly, it will need to incur set up costs for setting up the office and buying requisite furniture, computer systems and need to incur costs on rent, salaries of administrative, marketing and operations staff. Further, the company will need to spend on advertising and marketing via online as well as traditional marketing channels such as newspapers. The company will also need to ...