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    Define competitive landscape for the product Acai Berry Drink

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    Based on the product (Acai Berry at Starbucks) selected for my Marketing Plan, prepare a response in which the following is addressed:

    #5. Define the competitive landscape for the product Acai Berry Drink.

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    Competitive Landscape for Acia Berry Drink of Starbuck's

    Acia Berry Drink a new product of Starbuck's will confront a prominent landscape as face by the company. Its main competitors will be the quick-service restaurants and specialty coffee shops. This new drink of Starbuck's will also face competition from the well-established competitors of the International markets (Lussier, 2008). This drink will also face extreme competition from both the restaurants and other specialty retailers for prime retail locations as the company also faces. This drink if fulfils the needs of customers in an ...

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    The solution defines competitive landscapes for the product Acai Berry Drink.