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1. What are Google's organization's superordinate goals?

2. How do these fit with the organization's staff, skills, structure, strategy, style and systems?

3. Recommend ways (if there are any) that its superordinate goals could be changed or improved to improve organizational performance.

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Google's organization's superodinate goals are crucial. They want to become the best search engine possible, make their engineers more productive, allow everyone to utilize their ad system, content, communities, tools work worldwide, always innovating something within their company and Google News. These goals help keep the company focused and on track to reach consumers and worldwide markets. As a result, they gain revenue, and grow in order to better educate the public.

How these goals fit with the organizations' staff, skills, structure, strategy, ...

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This solution dealt with Google's goals, how they fit into the overall organization, and ways to improve the overall performance of the company.