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    Google: Censors, Child Protection, and the Library Project

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    1. Should Google censor searches in China? Why?

    2. Why do you think Google was adamant about not wanting to supply information requested by the government concerning the Child Online Protection Act? Why?

    3. What rationale do you believed was involved with google starting its Google Books Library Project?

    4. From all the issues within the case which is most disconcerting to you?

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    1. Google should censor some searches in China. If Google does not censor the minimum searches required by the Chinese Government, then the Government will not allow operations of Google in China. Complete breakdown of operations means the Chinese population would be deprived of information. Further, information from China would also not reach the world if Google withdrew its operations from China. From the consequential ethics perspective it would be ethical to censor limited searches in China so that the government was satisfied ...

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