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W3C and Web Filters

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I need help please.I understand what a W3C job is but I am not sure if they should develop web filters and if not, who should develop rules for such filters? I do not know how to answer that question. I do not know what to look for on the web.

I also need help with finding out who can develop filters.

Thank you.

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Should W3C develop web filters or make rules for such filters?

W3C does not develop web filters or make rules for such filters, however it can create rules for web tracking protection in order to enforce privacy protection for users and provide access to content and services that respect user privacy preferences.

General responsibilities of W3C are to:
- Provide information about the WWW for users and developers
- Provide the standards that are generally accepted throughout the WWW
- Demonstrate how to use new standards and technologies

Filters can be implemented in many different ways. They can be implemented by a software program on a personal computer via network infrastructure such as proxy servers that provide Internet access. They check the ...

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W3C and web filters are examined. The expert demonstrates how to use new standards and technologies.

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