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HTML Vs XHTML: The Future of HTML

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HTML was the original Web page protocol, developed for hypertext documents on the emerging Web. Many different protocols and technologies have since been developed. Do you think that HTML still has a part to play? Or do you believe that HTML may have outlived its usefulness?

This is basically a question about the future of HTML.

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I do not think that HTML has outlived its usefulness, at least not at the moment. But it is true that it is certainly taking a back seat, in favor of other scripting languages such as XHTML. Many protocols and web technologies have developed in the past one decade, but the fact that HTML has still survived supports my assertion.

In fact, XHTML is quite similar in most of the features to HTML, which again shows that HTML has not totally obscure. I had worked for some time with HTML, and could easily adapt to XHTML. The last specification of HTML published by W3C was HTML 4.01 in 1999, after that no further specifications have been released (W3C, 1999). After that W3C has focused on XHTML.
However, web designers still use HTML in some cases, although the change towards XHTML has been more rapid in the past few years. ...

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