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Integrated Marketing Strategies

Select a local/nearby nature center, park, or other non-profit-organization. Research the media mix it uses to promote itself and special activities. What role do these promotions serve? Describe the direct and media marketing programs. Are they integrated? If yes, describe how. If not, describe what could be done to improve and integrate them.

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Selected a non-profit organization: Kaiser Permanente.

Elements of media mix:

Kaiser Permanente used the media of e-mails to continuously give health related messages to its customers. The objective was to improve the relationship with the customers as well as to improve the usage of its website.

On the internet Kaiser has also undertaken search engine marketing, sponsorships and targeted e-mailing. In addition, Kaiser has also gone in for contextual relevance and self-selection on internet marketing.

Media marketing programs:

Kaiser also launches advertisements through radio, television and newspapers. The advertisements in Thrive campaign also ...

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