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Describe the purpose and value of integrated marketing

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Prepare a paper describing the purpose and value of integrated marketing.

? Investigate a company and determine if the company has an integrated marketing campaign for a product or service that they sell.
? If the company has an integrated marketing plan, what value does it add?
? If the company doesn't have an integrated marketing plan, how might the company benefit from having an integrated marketing plan?

APA format, cite references in text, reference pg etc..
The company selected will be used in subsequent postings

Please use a minimum of three outside references.

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Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing

The concept of marketing is very broad and integrated marketing is one of its main concepts. The concept of integrated marketing can be defined as the process of interconnecting all the resources and material that are available in the organization and market to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing process of an organization (Etzel, Walker, Stanton & Pandit, 2007). The main objective of integrated marketing is to serve the interests of a wide range of customers at the same time (Kotler, 2002).

There are mainly two levels of the integrated marketing. First level of integrated marketing comprises various basic functions of marketing such as advertising, product management, customer service and marketing research, etc. (Belch, 1998).

Second level of the integrated marketing covers the other departments such as finance, human resources, production, operation, etc. In order to develop effective strategy of integrated marketing, it is important that the company to makes a plan to integrate all the function with each other (Rapacz & Reilly, 2008). All these functions and department are interrelated with each other and cannot work successfully as a sole department (Etzel, Walker, Stanton & Pandit, 2007, pg. 488).

Deb Rapacz and Martin Reilly stated in their article that the main aim behind implementing the concept of integrated marketing plan is to encourage the recognition of the product and services of the organization in the eyes of the customers (Rapacz & Reilly, 2008). The concept of integrated marketing involves the integrated marketing communication and media strategy (Kotler, 2002).

In this highly competitive and digital economical environment, approach of integrated marketing is considered as a holistic approach to encourage the buying behavior of the customer and promotion of the ...

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