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Multinational Manager

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Interview a Multinational Manager. Prepare a 800 word paper in response to the questions below:

➣ What circumstances led to your assuming a position with international responsibilities?
➣ What are the major challenges in the international part of your job?
➣ How would you describe the international strategy of your company?
➣ How important is international work to advance in your company?
➣ How do you deal with and prepare for cultural differences?
➣ Do you ever have to manage directly employees from other countries? And, if so, what are the challenges in doing that?
➣ How are people selected for international assignments?
➣ Do you face any unique ethical situations in your job?

Please, cite references in APA format.

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This interview is with a marketing manager of a leading automobile manufacturer with manufacturing and sales presence in numerous countries across the world.

➣ What circumstances led to your assuming a position with international responsibilities?

The major circumstance that led to assuming a position with international responsibiities was expansion of my organization in international markets. As an experienced professional, I was asked by my organization to oversee the international expansion of my company in several markets across the world, starting from attractive emerging markets such as India and China. I was entrusted the responsibility of working as an expat to set up the operations in such markets, hire local employees, train them to adapt to the corporate culture of the company and basically, jumpstart the operation in each of these international markets.

As US economy is facing recessionary times, it has become imperative for my organization to explore attractive growth opportunities in new markets across the world to survive and maintain growth and thus, it has become important for employees like to me accept position with international responsibilities.

➣ What are the major challenges in the international part of your job?

One of the major challenges in the international part of my job is operate in cross cultural environment. As each international market or country is unique in terms of culture, customs and business practices and significant ...

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Interview a Multinational Manager.

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