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HR will have additional issues and challenges to deal

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Select an international company in a field you are familiar with and determine two (2) key areas (i.e., staffing, training, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits) where HR will have additional issues and challenges to deal with than in strictly U.S.-based companies. Next, suggest at least two (2) recommendations for dealing with these issues and challenges. Provide a rationale for your response.

Per Chapter 16 of your text, Geert Hofstede's Model of National Culture outlines six (6) cultural dimensions in which countries may differ: power-distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation, and indulgence. Go to the Hofstede Centre's website and select two (2) different countries. Compare the ratings in all of these cultural dimensions, plus the additional dimension of Indulgence listed on the site, between your selected countries. Next, describe at least two (2) challenges employees from these selected countries may face in working with each other due to differences in the dimensions. Provide a rationale for your response.

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//In the contemporary environment, the human resource managers faces various issues and challenges such as staffing, training, employee and labor relations as well as compensation issues. In this context, the following discussion focuses on the issues and challenges related to compensation and staffing faced by the HR in Tesco. Additionally, recommendations are also provided for dealing with the issues and challenges.//

The increasing complex nature of the jobs and growing competition have made it imperative for the human resource personnel to provide adequate compensation to their workers. The main issues and the challenges that are being faced by the human resource personnel in Tesco is related to the unpaid overtime of around 500,000 workers (Edwards, 2014). The unpaid hours of work being done by the workers in Tesco has resulted in stress, pressure and low morale among the workers. The company is even cutting down its costs and terminating the workers to generate profits. The reduction in the number of workers has resulted in working for longer hours by the remaining workers without being paid extra. This has lead to the arisen of staffing and ...

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The expert selected an international company and determines two key areas where HR will have additional issues and challenges to deal with then in strictly U.S. based companies. The recommendations for dealing with these issues and challenges are provided. The response addresses the query posted in 719 words with APA References.

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