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Employee discipline, separation, and conflict

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Write a 3-4 (1200 words) page paper on legal risk incorporating the issues of discipline, separation, and conflict. Separation can include voluntary and involuntary separation, cost of separation, reasons for dismissal, and wrongful discharge. Conflict can include dispute resolution & the negotiation process. Incorporate two to three articles of interest and write a synopsis of the articles.
In your 3-4 page paper address:
~ Topic summary (discipline, separation & conflict)
~ The relevance of the articles to HR risk management
~ Identify challenges and opportunities for HR professionals
~ Burning questions or considerations that you have regarding this issue
~ Your reactions to what was presented in the articles

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Step 1
Employee discipline refers to the employee learning that promotes self-control, dedication, and orderly conduct in relation to employees. Discipline in a limited sense from HR perspective means punishment of employees. In the context of employment discipline means administering an unpleasant stimulus such as an oral warning, a written warning, suspension, or dismissing the employee. For example, if a supervisor complaints about absenteeism of an employee to the HR, the HR manager calls in the employee and gives her an oral reprimand.
Separation is called negative recruitment which may be in the form of resignation, discharge, dismissal, suspension, or lay-off. It is the end of the employment relationship. The employee no longer works for the company. Every organization must have comprehensive separation policies and procedures to treat departing employees equitably and ensure smooth transition for them. Exit interviews conducted at the time of leaving the organization provide a great deal of information about the organization. For example, it is an exit interview that reveals that a certain supervisor is vituperative. Some companies feel that separation is the process of informing the employee of the termination, completing paperwork for continuation of benefits and retrieving company property from the employee. However, separation is any event that separates the employer and the employee.
Employee conflict is defined as the disagreement between the employer and the employee. In a broad sense employee conflict can refer to any clash in the workplace. It can be between the employee and the employer, or between the employee and other employee(s). It is important to deal with employee conflict in a timely manner to maintain a healthy work environment. It is important to resolve employee conflicts because if these are not dealt with appropriately can lead to larger issues which may become unmanageable.

Step 2
Articles of Interest:
The first article of interest is:
A Respectful Way to Discipline Employees: Retrieved on ...

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