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    Conflict Management - Progressive Discipline

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    A method commonly used within organizations is a Progressive Discipline system. Other organizations utilize a variety of methods to resolve conflict such as instituting an open-door policy or peer review.

    Discuss how your current or previous organization addresses conflict and/or discipline issues both via formal policy or informal "cultural norms". In your opinion, are the systems in place effective in reducing conflict situations, fostering an environment of collaboration, or changing inappropriate employee behaviors?

    Does HR or Management do an effective job of educating employees on conflict resolution strategies and the employee disciplinary process within the organization?

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    In my past company conflict/disciplinary issues were handled by:
    1. The immediate superior would advice the employee on essential issues. He would then watch the behavior of the employee and observe if there was any change.
    2. If the conflict or indiscipline continued, the supervisor would forward the issue to the HRM and they would direct the employee to improve his behavior and link the behavioral issue to his performance. They would also ascertain if there were any issues in the environment that were causing the ...

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