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    Progressive approach to discipline

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    Discuss what the Progressive Approach to discipline, the Positive Approach to discipline, and the GAP approach are all about. What do you see as the essential elements (commonalities) of these approaches? Do any of these approaches give you concerns as a manager? Which approach do you think you would prefer to use if you were working with a difficult employee and why?

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    //Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior at workplace; this science of study focuses on human behavior and their problems. In this regard, problem solving approaches at workplace will be helpful in addressing different critical external and internal business environmental challenges and issues. In this regard, three prime and frequently used approaches of problem solving, namely Progressive Approach, Positive Approach, and GAP approach are discussed below. Along with this, commonalities and essential characteristics of these approaches are also discussed below. //

    Progressive Positive and GAP approach to discipline and their essential elements

    The approach of progressive discipline utilizes a continuum of prevention programs, support, interventions and effects to address inappropriate behavior and building strategies that will promote positive behavior. When an incompatible behavior occurs, disciplinary measures should be applied within the model progressive approach. In simple terms, progressive approach is a technique for restoring or rehabilitating problem employee. The goal of this approach is to fix the problem employee. The manager in the organization gives warning related to the severity of bad behavior or misconduct (Progressive discipline and promoting positive student behavior, 2012). The application of progressive discipline cuts the legal exposure. This is one of the prominent reasons as to why it is being used by the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 837 words with references.