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Media Selection and TV Ads

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An ad campaign for a new snack chip will be conducted in a limited geographical area and
can use TV time, radio time, and newspaper ads. Information about each medium is shown below.

Medium Cost Per Ad # Reached Exposure Quality
TV 500 10000 30
Radio 200 3000 40
Newspaper 400 5000 25

If the number of TV ads cannot exceed the number of radio ads by more than 4, and if the advertising budget is $10000, develop the model that will maximize the number reached and achieve an exposure quality of at least 1000.

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This solution contains step-by-step calculations and explanations to determine the linear programming model that will maximize the number reached and achieve and exposure quality of at least 1000.

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Suppose the ad campaign use x TV time ads, y Radio time ades and z newspaper ads. Then the total number reached is f(x,y,z)=10000x+3000y+5000z. This is the objective function. The purpose is to find suitable x,y,z to ...

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